MA & CT Personal Injury & Divorce AttorneyThe McManus Law Offices has built a reputation as trustworthy, passionate and skilled trial lawyers.  We are a small law firm in central Massachusetts, and we specialize in divorce and family law, personal injury, motorcycle accidents and medical malpractice.

If you would like to be represented by an aggressive and skilled trial attorney who will take the time to fully understand your goals, will give you a straight forward assessment of your case and will represent you with professionalism, experience and personal service, please contact us.

Whether a client is suffering from a serious personal injury or involved in a difficult divorce, we understand that our clients are experiencing traumatic times in their lives. It is our mission to minimize that trauma by providing superior representation through personal service. To that end, we limit the number of cases that we handle in order to ensure that each case gets the attention and quality of representation that our clients deserve.   Although the vast majority of our cases do settle, we prepare each and every case in anticipation of trial.  When we do proceed to trial, our litigation skills and preparation produce unparalleled results.

Because of our commitment to superior representation and personal service, we are selective about the cases we accept.  If we do accept your case, you will enjoy a level of access to your attorney, education about the process and zealous representation that is simply unmatched in the legal industry.

We take nothing more seriously than our duty to achieve justice for our clients.  Whether it is through a negotiated settlement or judgment after trial, we achieve justice for our clients in every case.