Confidential Settlement

January 2016:

Attorney McManus obtained a substantial confidential settlement for the estate of a 60-year-old woman who died as a result of multiple drug toxicity. Experts on both sides agreed that the main drug that contributed to the woman’s death was a narcotic cough medication. The toxicology report indicated that the woman had taken far more of the cough medicine than had been prescribed. Attorney McManus sued the doctor who prescribed the narcotic cough medicine to the woman after a reported adverse reaction. The defense lawyer argued that the woman had a long standing history of COPD and that the narcotic cough medicine was necessary to control her cough. The defense argued that the reported reaction was sleepiness, which is a common side-effect of the medication. Attorney McManus was able to overcome these arguments and demonstrate that it was dangerous to have prescribed the narcotic cough medication to the woman after a reported adverse reaction and in the absence of any active complaints of cough. The confidential settlement prohibits the disclosure of the settlement amount.

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