Medical Malpractice & Nursing Home Neglect

MA & CT Medical Malpractice & Nursing Home Neglect AttorneyMedical malpractice in the United States has become an epidemic.   More people die each year as a result of medical malpractice than in automobile accidents, and preventable medical error is the sixth leading cause of death in our country.    Medical malpractice can also result in catastrophic injuries, including brain damage, and can necessitate a lifetime of care.  To make matters worse, the medical industry has adopted a culture of silence.  When mistakes are made, they are swept under the rug.  Negligent health care providers are not penalized, and the same mistakes are made again and again.

Because the healthcare industry does not police itself, injured patients and grieving families have no recourse but to pursue justice through the judicial system with the assistance of a skilled medical malpractice attorney.

I handle medical malpractice and cases in Massachusetts and Connecticut. As a medical malpractice attorney, I view myself as a patient advocate. When I accept a medical malpractice case, I take on a solemn duty to provide justice to the injured party or grieving family and demand that the responsible party be held accountable.

Medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult. Any attorney who tells you otherwise is being dishonest. These cases require that expert healthcare providers testify that the defendant made a mistake and that mistake caused serious harm. Many experts are reluctant to fault and quick to defend other healthcare providers. In addition, over the last couple of decades, the insurance industry has lead a very successful propaganda campaign seeking to demonize trial attorneys and the victims of medical malpractice. The insurance industry has sought to falsely portray medical malpractice lawsuits as the reason for the increasing costs of healthcare and insurance.

This combination of factors has created a situation where the deck is stacked against victims of medical malpractice. Victims need a skilled and dedicated malpractice lawyer to fight for their rights.

I have used my litigation skills and understanding of defense tactics to successfully resolve medical malpractice cases resulting in wrongful death and catastrophic injuries. These cases require aggressive representation, extreme dedication and attention to detail. I possess these qualities. I will provide you justice.

I am extremely selective with the medical malpractice cases that I accept. These cases require substantial effort and focus, and they are extremely expensive for attorneys to bring. I limit the number of malpractice cases that I handle at once in order that I may offer each case the necessary attention.

All medical malpractice cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. There is no attorney fee unless there is a successful resolution.

Frequently is it difficult to determine whether a death or serious injury has been caused by medical malpractice. This determination often requires extensive investigation including review of medical records and consultation with exert witnesses. If I accept your case for investigation, I will perform an initial investigation free of charge. If you have a case, we will proceeds under a contingent fee agreement. If you do not have a case, you pay nothing. I have extensive experience investigating potential medical malpractice cases, and I take these investigations extremely seriously. If there is a case, I will fight for justice. If there is not, I will give you and your family the answers and peace of mind that you deserve.

Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse
One particularly egregious form of medical malpractice is nursing home abuse and neglect. Admitting a family member to a nursing home can be one of the most difficult decisions of our lives. In making this difficult decision, we are comforted by the fact that our loved one will be able to enjoy the comfort and safety of an environment that is dedicated to meeting all of their needs. Meeting these needs is the obligation of the nursing home facility. When a nursing home facility doesn’t live up to their obligation and a loved one is seriously injured or passes away as a result, the facility has broken a sacred bond. Our loved ones deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. When a nursing home fails to do this and places profits over patients, they jeopardize the safety and well-being of those who are among our most vulnerable.

I handle nursing home abuse and neglect cases in Massachusetts and Connecticut. If you suspect that a nursing home facility has violated your trust and mistreated a loved one resulting in death or a serious injury, please contact me. If I accept the case, I will investigate the matter free of charge. If the nursing home is at fault, I will make sure that they are held accountable. Your family will receive just compensation, and I will not let this happen to another family again.